Golden Hair Int. start as WIG Factory at 2012 in Bangladesh. We are the best wig company in Bangladesh. Our all product equipment import from Korea and totally manufactured by us. That is why we can make sure the best quality product.

Golden Hair Int. is the best Non surgical Hair Replacement Company in Bangladesh. In Non surgical Hair Replacement we have both fixed and non-fixed system. Our all Hair are fully free style, so that you can make it as like as you want. It’s easy to use and very user friendly to maintain. Its totally Skin suitable, so that everyone can use our product.

Now a Days Golden Hair Int. make around 800 piece Hair Wig in month. We always make sure the quality of our product. We Sell our product in local country as well as India, China, Dubai, America, Singapore, Malaysia.

Golden Hair Int. officially start Sell Hair Wig at won showroom in the start of the year 2018. Our office is in Sector 6, Road 5, Joynal Market, Joynal Complex, Shope 245, Uttora 1230 Dhaka, Bangladesh. For any kind of query, feel free to contact 01534-993208 .